Hello guys, In this tutorial we will see how to access raspberry pi 4 remotely via VNC viewer. We will also see how to connect raspberry pi with direct connection and cloud connection. So that you can access it whenever and wherever you want. So lets get started.

For this you will need,

  1. Raspberry pi 4,
  2. microSD card,
  3. Power adapter.
Update the VNC server and VNC viewer

First we need to check whether it is a latest version or not.

By following command we can install latest version of realVNC viewer and realVNC server.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install realvnc-vnc-server realvnc-vnc-viewer

we will enable VNC in interfaces.

Go to preferences –> raspberry pi configuration –> interfaces and enable VNC.

enable VNC

Find Raspberry Pi IP address:

Type this command to find the IP address of raspberry pi.

find IP address of raspberry pi
Why setting static IP address for Raspberry Pi?

Now we will assign static IP address for raspberry pi. Because whenever you turn ON/OFF router. There is chance it will assign different IP address for raspberry pi. And you have to find raspberry pi IP address again with the same procedure we have done yet. OR you can find it on your router admin page.

That’s the reason we are assigning static IP address. So that we don’t have to find IP address every time when we turn ON raspberry pi.

How to set static IP address for Raspberry Pi?

Open your browser and type IP address of your of router. That is by default it may be different depends on your router company. You will see login page of your router. If you haven’t changed the username and password. It must be admin and admin.


router login page

After login go to DHCP client list. Find raspberry pi. Copy MAC address.

copy MAC address

copy MAC address

Go to address reservation. Click add new. Paste the MAC address of raspberry pi and assign IP address. And enable the status. Click save.


Now reboot it.

reboot the router

Login again to see IP address is changed or not. Yes, we can see it is changed.

IP address changed confirmation

VNC viewer:

Download the VNC viewer to your computer. Install it. Now we don’t need display, keyboard, mouse. We can access raspberry pi 4 with VNC graphically.

Method 1: Direct Connection (On same network)


Open the VNC viewer. Enter IP address of the raspberry pi. It will ask username and password. Username by default is “pi” and password is “raspberry”. Enter the user and password.

VNC login

You can see raspberry pi display on your computer.


Raspberry pi 4 desktop

You can change this password from here.


raspberry pi 4 password change

Similarly you can download the VNC viewer app for android. And enter the IP address of raspberry pi

VNC app IP

and username and password.

VNC app user name and password

This method is good if you are planning to access it on local network. But you can’t access the raspberry pi with other network. You can use second method cloud connection. You can access raspberry pi graphically anywhere from the world.

Method 2: Cloud Connection (access anywhere from the world)

VNC Cloud Connection

For cloud connection, you will need to sign up on RealVNC. Enter your email ID and fill the details.

Step 1:

go to raspberry pi. And click on VNC icon then click on menu and licensing.

goto menu liecensing

Enter your same mail id and password which we used to signup for realvnc.

login in raspberry pi

Step 2:

go to your computer. Open VNC viewer. Click on sign in button. Enter email ID and password. It will ask username and password for raspberry pi. It will ask you to verify its you in your email box.

login in windows

Now you see you are connected to raspberry pi via cloud.

Similarly, you can do this for mobile app.

mobile app VNC

Till then keep learning keep making.