Hello Guys, In this tutorial we will learn how to setup raspberry pi 4 for first time. So lets get started. I am using

  1. Raspberry pi 4,
  2. 3Amp/5V charger,
  3. C Type USB cable,
  4. LCD Display or TV,
  5. Keyboard & Mouse,
  6. Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter Cable.
  7. microSD card,
  8. microSD adapter / SD card reader

You will need a 3Amp/5V charger with C-type USB cable. I am using my 7inch LCD display but you can use your home TV as a display for Raspberry pi 4. If you don’t have micro HDMI to HDMI cable. You can buy micro HDMI to HDMI adapter.

You will also need a microSD card at least 8GB capacity but I am using 32 GB class 10 microSD card. So, we have gathered all components.

Installing NOOBS:

We will install Raspbian on microSD card via NOOBS. Its time to format microSD card with SD card formatter. You can use this software for formatting up to 32 GB microSD card. Download the SD card formatter. Unzip the file. Open SD card formatter. Locate your mircoSD card. And click format.

SD card formatter

If you are planning to use 64 GB or more then you have to format microSD card with FAT32 format software. After formatting microSD card.

Go to official website of raspberry pi for downloading NOOBS. After downloading NOOBS. Unzip the file and copy all the files to micro SD card. That is where we want to install raspbian. After copying is done. Remove microSD card from computer and insert into raspberry pi 4. Now connect all the components. Keyboard, Mouse, power cable, display. After connecting all the components. Turn ON the power. You will see red light on raspberry pi. It means it is connected to the power.

raspberry pi 4 power on

You will see NOOBS installer. Check the box raspbian then click install. Click yes to warning dialogue box.

NOOBS installer

Wait for few minutes. It will take some time for installation process.

Raspberry pi will restart.

Setup Raspberry Pi:

setup country

Now click next and set country, language and time zone. Click next.

set password

You can change “pi” User password here, by default it is “raspberry”.

set wifi

Connect to your wifi network.

update it

Click next to update the software. It will take some time. And after few minutes it might show error. We can update it later manually. Restart it.

Update & Upgrade Raspbian Manually:

step 1: Update the system’s package list by this command

sudo apt-get update

step 2: upgrade all installed packages to their latest version with the following command

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

step 3 (optional): Remove .deb files in order to free up space by this command.

sudo apt-get clean
clean raspberry pi 4
How to setup screen resolution:

If display setting changed after update. You can change it. Go to preferences and screen configuration.

change screen resolution of raspberry pi 4

Go to configure > screens > HDMI-1 > Resolution > 1920X1080

click ok.

change screen resolution of raspberry pi 4 to hd

Now we are ready to use Raspberry pi 4.

till then keep learning keep making.