Arduino Tutorial 1# LED Light blinking

If you are visual guy you can watch this tutorial in video mention below this lesson.

This is first lesson on arduino uno. In this lesson we will see how to make LED light blink using arduino. I will explain how you can change the blinking time with little change in programming (sketch). If you are very new to this just go to this Arduino official website and download IDE which is nothing but a software which will help you to write code and upload it to the board.

For this lesson you will need

  1. Arduino Uno.
  2. Bread Board.
  3. Jumper wire.
  4. Red LED light.
  5. 220 ohms resistor.
Blinking LED with Arduino Circuit Daigram
Blinking LED with Arduino Circuit Daigram
  1. Insert LED light on bread board Please remember long leg of LED is positive (+) and short leg of LED is negative (-). As i showed in circuit diagram which side you have to connect positive.
  2. Insert resistor in breadboard & please make sure its one leg is align with the long leg of LED light both should be in one column so that circuit will be completed as shown in circuit diagram.
  3. Now Insert Red jumper wire (usually for positive) in Digital pin 6 on arduino uno (why pin 6 i will explain when we will see programming part) and other side of red wire is Inserted in breadboard align with resistor other leg as shown in diagram.
  4. Finally Insert Black jumper wire (usually for negative or ground) in GND on arduino uno and other side of jumper wire should be Inserted to short leg side of LED light make sure it is align with same column.
sketch (programming of arduino) :
int led_light = 6;
void setup() {
pinMode(led_light, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
digitalWrite(led_light, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led_light, LOW);
  1. There are two function one is setup and other is loop. when arduino start it will call setup function and execute whatever command inside setup and loop make it repeat till power is off.
  2. First we will need to store pinmode no. which is output port i.e LED light . I am giving digital pin 6 (but you can give any number from digital pin 0 to 13) for example if you are giving pin number 8 please make sure you insert red jumper wire in 8.
  3. digitalWrite HIGH means that time voltage is high i.e LED will light up.
  4. digitalWrite LOW means that time voltage is low i.e LED will off.
  5. delay is the time it will wait between on and off of light. and delay time should be in millisecond for example you want 1 second delay you must give delay(1000).
  6. This is in loop so it will continue until power is off.

LIST OF COMPONENT BUY ONLINE:   (Arduino)  (Breadboard)   (Jumper wire)  (Resistor)   (LED)